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Split City Museum

Papalićeva ul. 1, 21000, Split, Croatia
📞 +385 21 360 171

位於克羅埃西亞首都薩格勒布的Split City Museum餐廳,是一家結合當地傳統文化和現代菜餚的餐廳。餐廳的裝潢搭配了當地的傳統特色,擁有一種悠久的歷史氣息,充滿著濃濃的文化氣息。



Split City Museum餐廳是一個結合傳統文化和現代菜餚的餐廳,以及濃厚的歷史氣息,為客人提供舒適的用餐環境。餐廳提供的菜色和酒水讓客人們能夠品嚐到獨特的口味,而餐廳裡活潑的音樂也能讓客人們在享受美食的同時,感受到當地的文化氛圍。


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4 明星

First of all, if you want to eat good fish for below 30-40 euros forget it, at least in Split. This said, this restaurant was a nice surprise, the city center is very touristy and we wanted a place that felt authentic. This was the one. The starters are quite big dishes. We took a black risotto which was amazing (recommended!) and the octopus (it was good). Then we got the fish grill for 2 people, it's quite some fish, includes some small octopus, mussels, sea bass and some tuna steak. The sea bass was a bit overcooked imo.

5 明星

The best service I’ve experienced so far with the waiter painstakingly walking us through what’s recommended and introducing the dishes to us. Felt very homely! Paid about 70 EUR for 2, but we also heard that Split has been getting very expensive even for the locals so it’s really important to support local eateries. Anyway food was super good, no complaints there! The waiter helped us filet the fish and it was done very well, with her separating the “safe” parts and the slightly dangerous parts with bones haha Black risotto was also extremely delicious and lives up to the hype!

5 明星

Really good seafood appetizer plate and Tanya our server was friendly and enthusiastic. We ate a light lunch with a bottle of delightful prosecco. The prawn risotto was pretty good too but the seafood appetizer plate was better. Scampi pate along with the fish pate slathered on crusty bread and topped with olive oil. Finish off with a swig of prosecco. Heaven.