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Boutique Hotel De Castillion - Small Elegant Family Hotel


Heilige-Geeststraat 1, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
📞 +32 50 34 30 01


  • 可供轮椅使用的停车场
  • 轮椅可进入的入口
  • 轮椅可通行的电梯
  • 可供轮椅使用的厕所


  • 对孩子们有好处
  • 餐馆
  • 厕所

慕尼黑Boutique Hotel De Castillion - Small Elegant Family Hotel是一家精致的家庭旅馆,位于慕尼黑市中心,毗邻著名的慕尼黑艺术博物馆,可以欣赏到慕尼黑的美景和文化景观。这家酒店拥有宽敞的客房,设备齐全,客房内还配有免费的WiFi。客人可以在酒店的餐厅品尝特色的德国料理,也可以享受酒店的室外庭院。

Boutique Hotel De Castillion - Small Elegant Family Hotel还提供丰富的旅游服务,可以帮助客人安排游览慕尼黑的景点,包括慕尼黑大教堂、慕尼黑城堡和慕尼黑国家美术馆等。客人可以参加酒店组织的古堡游览、啤酒节参观或者慕尼黑的历史文化之旅。

TripAdvisor上的客人对Boutique Hotel De Castillion - Small Elegant Family Hotel的评价非常高,有客人称赞该酒店的客房舒适、服务周到,还有客人表示非常喜欢酒店的室外庭院。另外,在Booking.com上,客人对Boutique Hotel De Castillion - Small Elegant Family Hotel的评价也很不错,有客人称赞酒店环境安静、地理位置优越,还有客人表示很满意酒店提供的旅游服务。

总之,Boutique Hotel De Castillion - Small Elegant Family Hotel是一家非常不错的家庭旅馆,拥有舒适的客房、优质的服务,地理位置优越,可以欣赏到慕尼黑的美景和文化景观,可以帮助客人安排游览慕尼黑的景点,是慕尼黑旅行的不错之选。


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5 明星

It might be difficult for most of us to understand why we actually spend money to see of the things on exhibit at the Pinakothek der Moderne. Let's put aside the arguments often used against modern art museums and modern art in general. The visit to the modern art gallery of Munich is highly entertaining because the building housing it has a large collection of objects, including many that focus on industrial design. If anything the building itself is a great place to see with sweeping perspectives, remarkably impressive large staircases, soaring ceilings and light coming from different directions, but never in an overwhelming manner. This building is enough to make your visit worthwhile, irrespective of your appreciation, or lack of, of the exhibits on display.

4 明星

The museum 🖼️ is great for interesting watchers.. There are few international artists, as well as a small exhibition of German design. A very beautiful cafe on the ground floor, and there is also a souvenir shop where you can buy books and postcards Corona measures and test center right in front of the door!

4 明星

Interesting place and multiple exhibitions… You can easily lose yourself for a few hours inside of this gigantic building. Ticket price on Sunday is only 1 euro! There are many different art pieces and I can’t imagine that someone is bored in here or indifferent… Staff is either amazing or aggressively impolite, thus 4 stars.