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Café am Neuen See


Lichtensteinallee 2, 10787 Berlin, Germany
📞 +49 30 25449321


  • 可供轮椅使用的停车场
  • 轮椅可进入的入口


  • 允许养狗
  • 对孩子们有好处
  • 公共厕所

“Café am Neuen See”在柏林,德国是一家非常受欢迎的博物馆。这家博物馆位于柏林新湖,靠近柏林市中心,拥有美丽的湖景,是一个非常宁静的地方。这家博物馆拥有一个室内和室外的展览空间,以及一个咖啡厅,吸引了许多游客前来参观。


“Café am Neuen See”的咖啡厅也非常受欢迎,拥有一个宽敞的室外庭院,可以看到湖面上的美景,让游客们可以放松身心,享受一个轻松的咖啡时光。

不少游客在TripAdvisor上给“Café am Neuen See”博物馆给出了非常高的评价。一位游客说:“这里的文物和艺术品非常精美,每一件都可以让人看到柏林的历史和文化。而且咖啡厅的环境也很棒,可以看到新湖的美景,是一个非常宁静的地方。”另一位游客也说:“这是一个非常棒的地方,有着完美的环境和精美的艺术品。在这里可以享受到一个轻松的咖啡时光,让人放松身心,非常棒!”

总之,“Café am Neuen See”博物馆是一个非常值得一去的地方,可以让游客更好地了解柏林的历史和文化,还可以在这里享受一个轻松的咖啡时光,让人放松身心。


7328 评论
5 明星

Words cannot express the feeling that overwhelmed me while visiting this memorial. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore and read the riveting stories. This was by far 1 of my most epic places I've visited

5 明星

So much history here. While the wall is no longer there, some original parts were, and there were several signs with pictures and historical information on them to explain the wall. I love history, but even those who don’t can appreciate this. The signs are easy to follow, clearly written, and even tell interesting stories about certain people. Highly recommend visiting this spot if you go to Berlin.

5 明星

The witness of the painful moments of the memory of the city and the country. It is a place that keeps the spirit of that day alive, where you can see what happens when a neighborhood is torn from the middle and the other half is fatally banned. Its surroundings are very beautiful today and it is good that there is a museum now!