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De Grote Post

Hendrik Serruyslaan 18A, 8400 Oostende, Belgium
📞 +32 59 56 85 00

“De Grote Post”是比利時科特裡克的一家著名餐廳,以其獨特的歷史建築和豐富的美食而聞名。該餐廳位於科特裡克的市中心,充滿了歷史氣息,是一個理想的地方,可以享受一個完美的晚餐。

De Grote Post的外觀是一座古老的歷史建築,充滿了比利時風格的魅力。餐廳內部是一個舒適的空間,裝飾精美,燈光明亮,充滿了浪漫的氣氛。餐廳內有一個大型廚房,提供各種美味的美食,從比利時傳統料理到現代料理,滿足各種口味。

De Grote Post的主要菜單涵蓋了比利時的傳統料理,包括烤肉,炸薯條,魚和蔬菜。它還提供一系列現代料理,包括牛排,海鮮,披薩和沙拉。餐廳還提供一系列精選的佳餚,包括香草醬汁,香料,蔬菜和香料。

De Grote Post的服務熱情友善,員工會為客人提供最佳的服務。餐廳裡有許多精心挑選的葡萄酒,供客人選擇。此外,餐廳還提供各種甜品,如蛋糕,冰淇淋和水果,讓客人品嘗不同的口味。

总的來說,De Grote Post是一個理想的地方,可以享受比利時特色的美食,還可以欣賞餐廳獨特的歷史建築和浪漫的氣氛。


1997 评论
4 明星

Retro post-office of the 50s revamped into a Culture Center. Dating from the '50s, architecture by Gaston Eysselinck and designed to be used as a post office until 1999. In 2001 the city of Ostend acquired the building and from 2012 it serves as a Cultural Center. The building offers several performance spaces used for the performing arts, literature and expositions. The main event is the annual 'Theater aan Zee' (Theater at Sea festival) in July, in which this building becomes the main hub for several performances from noon till late in the evening. 'Theater at Sea' involves many locations, not only restricted to this building. The Cultural Center is quite impressive and especially the panorama bar on top offers a grand view of the city. The only caveat is: the menu of the Cultural Café is totally overpriced, so avoid. At the time I visited they charged 19,20 EUR for fish sticks with mashed potatoes (see my photo of the menu) which is ridiculous. Although the philosophy may be culture should be accessible to everybody, this ain't the case if you want to have a bite at the Cultural Café. If you have two kids who simply want to eat fish sticks with mashed potatoes it will cost you nearly 40 EUR (see photo of menu prices).

3 明星

Menu is quite limited for lunch in my opinion. Drinks on the other hand ... tryed de vegetarian pad thai, verry tasty.

5 明星

Nice little theater in a historic postwar building. Great cafe too !