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M Leuven


Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
📞 +32 16 27 29 29


  • 轮椅可进入的入口
  • 轮椅可通行的电梯
  • 可供轮椅使用的厕所


  • 对孩子们有好处

M Leuven位於比利時魯汶,是一座全新的現代藝術博物館,致力於展示當代藝術,並提供給觀眾不同的文化體驗。

M Leuven的建築風格獨特,外觀看起來像一個巨大的白色立方體,內部裝飾精美,設有各種各樣的空間,如展覽廳、會議室、廳堂、藝廊和多媒體中心。它的展覽室展示了來自世界各地的藝術家作品,包括繪畫、雕塑、攝影、紀錄片和其他多種形式的媒體作品。

M Leuven還有一個藝術家工作室,藝術家可以在這裡創作他們的作品,並與觀眾分享他們的想法和創作過程。此外,M Leuven還設有一個教育中心,提供各種藝術課程,包括繪畫、雕塑、攝影和其他多種形式的藝術課程,讓觀眾更加了解藝術。

M Leuven還有一個多媒體中心,有一個大型的3D影院,可以播放各種紀錄片和短片,讓觀眾更加深入地了解藝術家的創作過程和思想。

M Leuven是一個值得一去的地方,它不僅提供給觀眾一個獨特的文化體驗,還有許多精彩的展覽,包括當代藝術家作品展、紀錄片展、藝術家工作室展,以及各種多媒體作品展。此外,M Leuven還為觀眾提供了各種藝術課程,讓觀眾能夠更深入地了解藝術家的創作過程和思想。


1494 评论
2 明星

€12 adult ticket. Very interesting and impressive building throughout but lacks ART and more pieces despite the fact they claim to have 52,000 pieces - which I’m sure were not on display. They have free to use audio guides in Dutch, French and English only. They also have free to use lockers in the basement floor and a small coffee shop on site right next to the the ticket desk. Why 2 Stars and not more? The alabaster exhibit was ok (in lowercase!) but lacked a hook or a story behind it. Simply showing random pieces of art made of alabaster doesn’t grant enough reason to call it an exhibition. It needed more passion and a story behind the pieces. The M exhibition was also random and lacked storytelling and connection. The other exhibition which I think is called L was a piece of rubbish. Not worth your time.

4 明星

We visited the museum with our (almost) 4yo as the museum was marked as very childfriendly. Although the museum is spacious, there is very little interactive stuff for kids. In itself the museum is impressive with several exhibitions running and we'll worth a visit. Free lockers are a great asset to store bags and/or valuables.

5 明星

Amazing museum. With limited items, it creates wonderful experience. The special exhibition of Wael Shawky is really wonderful. Since I just done reading Roger Clawley’s books , the tour is just in time.