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Les Machines de l'Île


Parc des Chantiers, Bd Léon Bureau, 44200 Nantes, France
📞 +33 810 12 12 25


  • 可供轮椅使用的停车场
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  • 对孩子们有好处

在法国南特,有一个名叫“Les Machines de l'Île”的博物馆,它是一个令人惊叹的极具创意的地方,可以让游客体验到一种独特的乐趣。这个博物馆位于城市的历史中心,占地面积约12英亩,有一个巨大的机械动物园,可以释放出一种精神上的自由,激发出一种新的想象力,让游客体验到一种全新的视觉盛宴。




总之,Les Machines de l'Île博物馆是一个非常有趣的地方,可以让游客体验到一种全新的乐趣,激发出一种新的想象力,让游客体验到一种全新的视觉盛宴。


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4 明星

It's neat and has a lot of interesting machines to see. The machines as art are really amazing. They're intricately designed and really quite beautiful. They do shows of the machines that are displayed in the gallery, then a walk up the terrace to see the workshop and a short movie, and finally a walk along a metal tree lined with plants. 8.50 to see the gallery, 8.50 to ride the elephant, 8.50 to ride the carousel. The gallery ticket and elephant ticket allow you to go up to the terrace as well. With that said the machines movements and actions are all quite simple so don't expect any great feats or robotics.

5 明星

Amazing place to visit! The machines are incredible and they demonstrate all of them with some people getting to ride (talks are in French, obviously, fair enough). Worth staying in the gallery until they do all the demos as once you leave each section you can't go back. The ticket price is fair, just be aware it's either for the gallery OR a ride on the amazing mechanical elephant. But you can still see the elephant up close and in action. There is also a view of the workshops and you can climb down the incredible Heron tree and see its prototypes. Check the opening times if you're going at all "out of season" as it was afternoon only on the day we visited. Highly recommended.

4 明星

The Gallery is somewhat underwhelming, however the elephant ride is good fun and overall it is very good value for money. The large carousel also looked like fun but probably better if you have children with you. It was also a bit more expensive. The small carousel looked great for younger children and good value.