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Le Petit Cler

29 Rue Cler, 75007 Paris, France
📞 +33 1 45 50 17 50


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Le Petit Cler是位于巴黎的一家美食餐厅,提供令人回味的传统法国料理。这家餐厅位于巴黎的中心地带,拥有一个可爱的室内装饰,提供完美的氛围和热情的服务。

Le Petit Cler的菜单涵盖了传统的法国料理,包括各种海鲜和肉类,还有一些精心挑选的葡萄酒和烈酒。餐厅的厨师们用新鲜的食材制作出精致的菜肴,令人回味无穷。

Le Petit Cler的客人们给这家餐厅的评价一致赞誉,TripAdvisor上有很多客人给出了5星的评价,赞扬了餐厅的美味佳肴和友好的服务。一位客人说:“Le Petit Cler是一家非常棒的餐厅,食物美味,服务很周到,价格实惠。”另一位客人说:“Le Petit Cler是一家不可多得的餐厅,拥有一个可爱的室内装饰,提供美味的料理和友好的服务。”

Le Petit Cler是一家令人回味无穷的餐厅,可以满足所有客人的需求。它提供精致的料理,舒适的氛围和友好的服务,是一个理想的地方,可以让您度过一个愉快的晚上,享受美食和良好的服务。


1177 评论
5 明星

I love this place. It’s simple and straight forward. They always have a quick service. They serve a simple salad with mustard dressing and some baguette on the side. The meat is cooked to your choice and the sauce that they use is amazing. The fries are usually crispy and hot. They also have a limited dessert menu to choose from.

5 明星

Well, I tried this place in 2013, and it was phenomenal. However, the line took too much for us to be seated. Then I tried many copycats who perfected the sauce To be honest, this time we were seated so much faster and the food was served in no time. The steak sauce was great, and the meat was perfect; very chewable and cooked to order. The caramel brulee was tasty, and the rest is normal. I believe the place has lost some of its quality, and the seating is so congested. The place is definitely worth trying, and all of the staff are very lovely and friendly.

3 明星

I don't know what to say. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the staff are very friendly, but it was definitely not worth the wait and I think it is definitely overhyped. I feel that most people only come because of the name and the history of the restaurant. The beef and sauce used was great, but portions are very small and definitely not worth a 1.5 hour wait...... The salad was great, but definitely not worth the wait...... The fries, were just normal fries..... definitely not worth the wait. Our waitress, was super lovely and we felt very welcomed..... but still not worth the wait. Overall, it is a place worth visiting to I guess say that you visited, but you guessed it...... (not worth the wait) The Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream was incredible!!! It made me feel like "the wait" was almost worth it..... but still..... Anyways, you're still going to come and wait for 1.5 hours, so enjoy your visit and enjoy Paris! 🫡