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Museum Œuvre Notre-Dame


3 Pl. du Château, 67000 Strasbourg, France
📞 +33 3 68 98 50 00


  • 轮椅可进入的入口
  • 轮椅可通行的电梯
  • 可供轮椅使用的厕所


  • 对孩子们有好处
  • 厕所
  • 餐馆

"Museum Œuvre Notre-Dame"位于法国斯特拉斯堡,是一座集历史、艺术和宗教于一体的博物馆。它建于13世纪,是一座具有历史意义的建筑,它是斯特拉斯堡最著名的建筑之一。



“Museum Œuvre Notre-Dame”受到了许多游客的好评。据Tripadvisor的评论,这里的展览非常有趣,而且拥有丰富的历史文化资源。游客们称赞这里的展览非常有趣,而且有一个学习中心,可以让他们更好地了解斯特拉斯堡的历史和文化。

“Museum Œuvre Notre-Dame”是一个值得游客参观的好地方,它拥有丰富的历史文化资源,而且有许多有趣的展览和学习中心,可以让游客更好地了解斯特拉斯堡的历史和文化。


295 评论
5 明星

This museum is an enjoyable experience and it complements a visit to the cathedral. It has a wide variety of exhibits all housed in a cool historic building. One thing I especially liked was the views of the cathedral that you get in an outside corridor and through the windows.

5 明星

Great museum with a varied range of items that explore the history of the cathedral and themes around it. It’s very high tech, employing methods like VR and animated paintings, sculptures, and explanations. A friendly museum staff also helped us with the equipment to ensure that we got the best experience. There are English translations for most of the information signs, and the museum path is generally well planned out. Well worth a visit, especially if you plan on going to the cathedral as well.

5 明星

The museum shows much more than just cathedral related artefacts, but also medieval and renaissance paintings, furniture, a beautiful garden in the heart of Strasbourg. The drawings which were used to build the cathedral can be seen, these are very rare drawings and among the only existing medieval architectural drawings World wide . A must see when in Strasbourg